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Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor.

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I manage to turn everything into crap wow

yes that’s called digestion

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So nan is in hospital having all tests done and they tink its pneumonia so hopefully she pulls out of it

fml work better let me off tonight this is super shit timing fml 

I wish you acted like you fucking missed me.
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OMG I got 45/100 in my mid Sem exam wtf 5 off a pass fuck u brain

Least I know where I went wrong now.
I feel a weight is lifted off me




this is
oh my god
didn’t even see it was

If you look hard enough, you can see a bird flying.

I feel 100% happier and better I got to talk to my girl 😍😍

Fuck I miss her so much